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1. Admiralty

Employer is liable as a Pro Hac Vice Owner for Negligence of an Employee Engaged in Services other than Stevedoring

Submersible Oil Storage Facility use in Connection with Off-Shore Drilling is Classifiable as a "Vessel" within Provisions of Jones Act and General Maritime Jurisdiction

Exclusive Remedy Provision of the Puerto Rico Workmen's Accident Compensation Act does not apply to a Puerto Rican Citizen Injured outside the Territory of Puerto Rico

Determination of Unseaworthiness caused by Character of a Person Aboard is Limited to Crew Members' Condition

2. Common Market

European Community Directive Requires that in the Event of the Appointment of a Single Director, Disclosure must be made that He Represents the Company Alone

Requirement of Habitual Residence for Providing Services within a Member State is Incompatible with European Economic Treaty

3. Jurisdiction

Service of Process on Foreign Governmental Agencies may be Effectuated under F.R.C.P. Rule 83

Extraterritorial Securities Violations require Significant Direct Impact on United States to Warrant Subject Matter Jurisdiction

4. Law of the Sea

Lower Cook Inlet is not an Historic Bay and Consequently Title to Submerged Lands in the Area is in the United States not Alaska

5. Shipping

Cargo Consignee liable for Contribution to Carrier where De Facto Jason Clause found in Voyage Charter


Internal Revenue Code Section 911(a)(1) Permits the Exclusion of Income Earned Abroad if the Taxpayer is a Bona Fide Foreign Resident for the Period for which the Return is Made