Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law


Igor I. Kavass

First Page



This bibliography attempts to bring together information about the publications of the Court of Justice and those of other Community institutions pertinent to the work of the Court, as well as relevant juridical writings about the Court and its activities published as books, essays, journal articles, comments, notes, etc. Wherever possible, individual entries are followed by short annotations or explanatory comments. Annotations to the more important treatises or monographs include citations to book reviews.

This bibliography, like all legal bibliographies of its type, is selective in that it lists only those works which the compiler was able to identify and which he regards as important for research purposes. An effort is made to include entries about most, if not all, works on the Court of Justice of the European Communities published in English. Writings in the other official Community languages--Danish, Dutch, French, German, and Italian--have been treated more selectively.

The bibliography commences with a listing of official publications of the Court of Justice and other Community institutions. A list of bibliographies and other general informational materials about the Court of Justice follows. The remainder of the bibliography consists of entries of scholarly and professional works, with short annotations, dealing with the Court of Justice and its work. The entries are arranged by broad topics and alphabetically by author within each topic.