Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

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Admiralty--Workmen's Compensation--Receipt of Benefits under State Workmen's Compensation Act containing Exclusive Remedy Provision does not Bar Subsequent Action against Employer for Unseaworthiness

Patricia D. Owen


Common Market--Council Regulations--Regulation Stake Precedence over Provisions of Member States' Constitutions

Jeffery R. Rush


Discovery--Aid to Foreign or International Tribunals--United States Courts can Compel Testimony only on Behalf of Foreign or International Tribunals Empowered to make Binding Adjudications

Frank R. Krok


Extradition--Statute of Limitations--mere Absence is not Equivalent to Fleeing from Justice under 18 U.S.C. § 3290

Paul P. Sanford


International Court of Justice--Procedure Temporary Relief in the Form of Interim Measures Granted on Prima Facie Evidence of Jurisdiction and Jurisdiction of the Merits Found on Basis of Prior Agreement to Compulsory I.C.J. Jurisdiction

Edward N. Perry


Jurisdiction--NATO--North Atlantic Treaty Organization status of Forces Agreement not an Exclusive Remedy for Member of United States Force or Civilian Component

Edward A. Betancourt