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Professor Harold Maier founded the student-edited Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law in 1967 and served as its faculty adviser until his retirement in 2005. He was appointed the David Daniels Allen Distinguished Professor of Law in 1988. He was a co-author of Public International Law in a Nutshell (with Thomas Buergenthal, West Publishing) and dozens of journal articles and book chapters, some written in German, which he spoke fluently. Hired in 1965 to develop Vanderbilt's international law program, Maier sought to establish a program to train students interested in an international legal practice and to enable scholarship in international legal studies that would also appeal to a broader base of students. "Only a program that combined a full curriculum, diverse faculty members, and broad-based student activities could accomplish all three goals," he wrote in a 1992 article for the Vanderbilt Lawyer magazine. With few resources other than his formidable intellect and force of will, Maier helped form the student International Law Society as well the Journal of Transnational Law and used these early successes to establish a firm foundation for future growth of international studies at Vanderbilt. During his four-decade career, he worked with six deans to build and support a thriving program while also serving the university as chair of the faculty senate, on two provost search committees, and on the law school's faculty appointment committee.