Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

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The statistics regarding violence in today's society are staggering. A newly released study published by the World Health Organization, making headlines in the Wall Street Journal (Oct. 3, 2002), reports that "Violence Took 1.6 Million Lives in 2000." This statistic includes only the data obtained from the 70 countries that report such statistics to the World Health Organization, it does not include reports from many other countries where violence is also high, such as Burundi, Rwanda, Iraq, Liberia and Afghanistan.

This Article seeks to address some of these issues of violence by considering issues of gender. The Authors pose the question whether there may be some correlation between violence and the lack of meaningful involvement of women in the economy. If the countries that appear to be more violent are also countries where women are systematically excluded from business opportunities, perhaps one way to curb some of the societal violence would be to improve the opportunities for women in the economy. Multi-national corporations can play an important role in increasing these opportunities.