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I first met Jonathan in 1967 when he was a student in my international law class at the University of Wisconsin Law School. It was only my second year of teaching--I had just come to Wisconsin after some years with the State Department's Office of Legal Adviser. But Jonathan was a generous and forgiving, as well as excellent, student and somehow we both got through the course. Anyway, Jonathan became, first, the student of whom I was most fond; then, as his career developed, the student of whom I was most proud; and, eventually, as the years passed and our paths and work increasingly intersected, a valued colleague and friend. I can't count the number of occasions we were together--collaborating on at least four collective book projects; participating in American Society of International Law, Law of the Sea Institute, or on other committees or conference panels; and, most notably, serving together on the American Journal of International Law 's Board of Editors where, for the last few years, Jonathan was the Co-Editor-in-Chief responsible for the Book Review Section of the Journal, which I edit.