Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

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This Article demonstrates that there is a plausible, conceptual relationship among corporate governance, business ethics, and sustainable peace. First, the Authors begin by outlining the benefits of and protests against globalization and the reciprocal benefits between geopolitical entities and economic activity. The Article then details specific historical events that foreshadow patterns in the relationship between business and sustainable peace. In looking more closely at those patterns, the Authors argue that through economic progress and mitigation of rivalries in the workplace, multinational corporations can contribute to sustainable peace. Thus, if this argument is correct, the stakes increase dramatically for corporations to consider these issues in their governance practices and for governments to create legislative frameworks to encourage such responsible practices. The Authors propose that incorporating attributes of peaceful societies with current successful corporate governance regimes will help to achieve both economic progress and social harmony. The Article concludes that the future will offer increasingly precise corporate models that contribute to the reduction of bloodshed.