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By design, this conference was constructed to brainstorm about the connection of governance, ethics, and peace. To that end, the conference and these papers were a success. As a novel question, however, we are far from providing a definitive answer to exactly what should be done to foster the connection and, more basically, exactly what the connection looks like. One can, however, identify three general themes emanating from the conference that provide a sense for the opportunities of future research.

First, there is a public policy dimension. Corporations gain their authority through state action and the duties of fiduciaries of the corporation arise most definitively from legal directives...

Second, there is an intra-organizational dimension. Several participants stressed the importance of building corporate community. This is an admirable task, one that we ourselves advocate, but much more specificity is needed to detail what this means...

Finally, unrest is typically situationally specific. Appeasement, for instance, was a standard mechanism to resolve political disputes among rational statesmen, but when Neville Chamberlain tried the same approach with an irrational leader, Adolph Hitler, the results were disastrous...

These themes are not meant to be exhaustive. Yet, they appear to present a natural set of next research steps for what we believe will be an important and fruitful area of scholarly inquiry.