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Every other year, the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law presents a symposium on a current topic in international law and practice. This year's symposium, "Hong Kong's Reintegration into the People's Republic of China: Constitutional Issues, Policy Approaches & Human Rights Concerns and Economic & Legal Implications, was held at Vanderbilt University School of Law on March 28-29, 1997. Our goal was to provide a forum in which leading authorities on Hong Kong and China could come together and discuss constitutional, human rights, legal, and economic concerns surrounding the reintegration of Hong Kong into China.

The results of this Symposium have culminated in the publication of legal scholarship related to the reintegration in the May 1997 issue as well as this issue of the Journal. The May 1997 issue featured articles by Professors John Rogers, University of Kentucky College of Law, and Peter Wesley-Smith, Hong Kong University Department of Law, student notes on China-related topics, and a bibliography of resources on Hong Kong and China.