Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law


Lucas G. Paglia

First Page



Belarus, a former Eastern bloc country located between Russia and Poland, has drafted a comprehensive labor code to govern employment relations. This Note presents the historical underpinnings of the legislation, its major provisions, and its prospects for successfully handling labor disputes as well as encouraging foreign investment. The author first explores the current labor environment in Belarus, especially focusing on the recent privatization of industry, and its amenability to such regulation. The Note then analyzes specific provisions of the labor code and compares them to the National Labor Relations Act in the United States, as well as the conditions under which the NLRA was adopted, and the Belgian Labor Inspection Act. Finally, the author proposes improvements for this legislation, emphasizing in particular the need for effective enforcement. The author concludes that, while not perfect, the Draft Labor Code represents a serious step toward labor reform in this Republic.