Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law


David E. Weiss

First Page



Through violence, intolerance, and fascism, neo-Nazis threaten the political and social structure of Germany's democratic state. As the neo-Nazi movement continues to grow throughout Germany, the German government faces the difficult challenge of quelling the neo-Nazis. By invoking the laws enacted to prevent the resurgence of Nazism, the government has infringed upon basic individual liberties such as freedom of expression and association. This Note discusses the various devices implemented by both Germany and the international community to combat neo-Nazis, and the effects these measures have had on the neo-Nazis themselves. This Note concludes that in attempting to strike an appropriate balance between combatting neo-Nazis and preserving individual liberties in Germany, the German government may actually drive the neo-Nazi movement into the mainstream, where its disguised message may find broader appeal.