Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law


John W. Kindt

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This Essay provides an overview of some of the environmental issues arising from mineral mining in the United States exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Professor Kindt points out that the United States establishment of a 200-mile EEZ, and the concomitant interest in mining the minerals found within it, prompted concerns over the environmental consequences of mining activities. Professor Kindt summarizes the guidelines for mining of hard minerals recently promulgated by the Department of the Interior (DOI) and examines the House of Representatives counterproposal, the National Seabed Hard Minerals Act of 1989 (NSHMA 1989). He notes that a prime difference between the two regulatory schemes centers on whether the process for the exploration and development of seabed hard minerals should be competitive or non-competitive. Professor Kindt advocates a compromise that will accommodate developmental activities while providing adequate environmental safeguards.