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Private Citizens Do Not Have a Cause of Action to Enforce Judgments of the International Court of Justice--Committee of United States Citizens in Nicaragua v. Reagan, 859 F.2d 929 (D.C. Cir. 1988)

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Precludes Domestic Court Jurisdiction Over a Cause of Action Arising Out of Airplane Crash in a Foreign Country When the Airplane Is Owned by an Instrumentality of the Foreign Government -Compania Mexicana de Aviacion v. U.S. Dist. Court, 859 F.2d 1354(9th Cir. 1988).

An Unrecognized Panamanian Regime Lacks Standing to Intervene in an Action Brought by the Recognized Panamanian Government to Enjoin the Transfer of Panamanian Government Funds Out of American Banks-- Republic of Panama v. Citizens & Southern International Banks, 682 F. Supp. 1544 (S.D. Fla.1988)

An Instrumentality of an Unrecognized Foreign Government has Standing to Bring Suit in a United States Court if the Executive Branch Consents --National Petrochemical Co. v. MIT Salt Sheaf, 860 F.2d 551 (2d Cir. 1988)

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