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Materiality Standard for Concealment or Misrepresentation under Immigration and Nationality Act § 1451(a) is Sufficient to Influence an Immigration and Naturalization Service Decision; The Test of Good Moral Character under § 1101(f)(6) Does Not Require a Finding of Materiality for any False Testimony --Kungys v. United States, 108 S. Ct. 1537 (1988)

The Broad Subpoena Power of the Immigration and Naturalization Service does not Authorize Issuance of a Blanket John Doe Subpoena to Gather Information Regarding Unidentified Aliens--Peters v. United States, 853 F.2d 692 (9th Cir.1988)

Routine Strip Searches of Detained Juvenile Aliens Violate Juveniles' Fourth Amendment Rights--Flores v. Meese, 681F. Supp. 665 (C.D. Cal. 1988).

The Act of State Doctrine does not Bar a Competitor's Antitrust and Racketeering Actions Against a Company that Allegedly Secured a Foreign Military Procurement Contract by Bribing Foreign Officials --"Environmental Tectonics v. W.S. Kirkpatrick, Inc.", 847 F.2d 1052 (3d Cir. 1988).