Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

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This Article will first review how nongovernmental organizations attempt to apply human rights law and humanitarian law during periods of armed conflict. It will next review the practice of one principal inter-governmental organization--the United Nations General Assembly--inciting humanitarian law. Third, this Article will study the reasons why the United Nations and international nongovernmental organizations should or should not refer to humanitarian law in support of their human rights work. Fourth, it will consider the preeminent position in implementing international humanitarian law of the ICRC, a private Swiss organization engaged in various international activities including specific functions provided by international humanitarian law. This Article will then consider the role that other--principally nongovernmental--organizations can play in situations of armed conflict. Sixth, it will examine factors affecting fact-finding in periods of armed conflict. Finally, this Article will discuss the effectiveness of nongovernmental organizations in preventing human rights violations during periods of armed conflict.