Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

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Casebook on Carriage by Sea.

By E.R. Hardy Ivamy

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Casebook on Shipping Law

By E.R. Hardy Ivamy

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Regional Development Agencies in Europe

Edited by Douglas Yuill

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United States Trade Policy Legislation: A Canadian View

By Rodney de C. Grey

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Transfer of Technology: U.S. Multinationals and Eastern Europe

By Marilyn L. Liebrenz

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Women's Rights & the EEC

By Vanessa Hall-Smith, Catherine Hoskyns, Judy Keiner, and Erika Szyszczak London: Rights of Women Europe, 1983. Pp. 161. £3.00.


Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion

Compiled for International Bar Association

London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1982. Pp. viii, 104.


Main Points in the Decisions of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal

By C.F. Amerasinghe and D. Bellinger

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Meeresforschung und Meeresfreiheit: Perspektivennach der dritten UN--Seerechtskonferenz

By Alex Borrmann and Hermann Weber

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Freedom of Information Trends in the Information Age

Edited by Tom Riley and Harold C. Relyea

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Economic Diplomacy Between the European Community and Japan 1959-1981

By Albrecht Rothacher.

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International Handbook of the Ombudsman

Vol. 1-2.

Edited by Gerald E. Caiden

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Politics and Process in the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations

By Housang Ameri.

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Women in Muslim Family Law

By John L. Esposito

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The United Nations and the Control of International Violence

By John F. Murphy

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Managing Tax in Your Business

By Robert Walters

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The Marriage Laws of Nigeria

Edited by T. Akinola Aguda and assisted by Isabella Adi

Nigeria: The Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 1981. Pp. 170.