Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

First Page



Emerging Financial Centers: Legal and Institutional Framework

Edited by Robert C. Effros

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The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

By George C. Greanias and Duane Windsor

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Foreign Commerce and the Antitrust Laws Vols. I-II.

By Wilbur L. Fugate

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The Fund Agreement in the Courts: Volume II.

By Joseph Gold

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International Capital Markets and Securities Regulation Vols. 10, 10A

Edited by Harold S. Bloomenthal

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Staff Regulations and Staff Rules of Selected International Organizations Vols. I-IV. Prepared by C.F. Amerasinghe

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The Art of Arbitration

Edited by Jan C. Schultsz and Albert Jan Van Den Berg

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Competition Law of Britain and the Common Market

By Valentine Korah

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Development in International Trade Policy

By S.J. Anjaria, Z. Iqbal, N. Kirmani, and L.L. Perez

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Company Law in the European Community

By Robert R.Pennington and Frank Wooldridge

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The Tariff Board

By Philip Slayton and John J. Quinn

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Actas de Derecho Industrial 1981

Edited by the Instituto de Derecho Industrial Universidad de Santiago. Madrid, Spain: Editorial Montecorvo, 1982. Pp. 526.


Explorations in Ethics and International Relations

Edited by Nicholas A. Sims

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International Regimes

Edited by Stephen D. Krasne

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Non-Tariff Barriers After the Tokyo Round

Edited by John Quinn and Philip Slayton

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"Fri Rettshjelf": A Comparative Study of Legal Services for Lower Income Persons in the United States and Norway

By Eugene M. Harrington

Houston: Thurgood Marshall School of Law, 1982. Pp. 173.


The Criminal Code of the People's Republic of China

Translated by Chin Kim

Littleton, Colorado: Rothman, 1982. Pp.xxii, 74. $18.75.