Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

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Recent Decisions

Jurisdiction and Procedure - Forum non Conveniens--The Foreign Plaintiff is Entitled to Less Deference in His Choice of Forum than is a Citizen or Resident Plaintiff; A Change of Law Resulting from Dismissal is Not a Substantial Factor in the Forum non Conveniens Analysis.

Robert Charles Goodrich, Jr.


ALIENS--Exclusion of Aliens from State Probation Officer Position is not Unconstitutional because it Falls Within the Political Function Exception

Christopher Qualley King


SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY--Ship Owning Corporation's Contacts with United States are Sufficient to Extend Jurisdiction over Action for Damages involving Maritime Collision: Financial Effect on a United States Corporation is Sufficiently Direct Effect on United States for Purposes of the Commercial Activities Exception of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

Dee Ann Weldon-Wilson


SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY--Failure to Assert Affirmative Defense of Sovereign Immunity in a Motion to Dismiss Doesn't Waive Immunity by Implication Under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976

Jay D. Grushkin