Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

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El Conflicto Honduras-El Salvador y El Orden Juridico Internacional --

On July 14, 1969, the armed forces of El Salvador invaded Honduras... This book provides an almost hourly account of the events preceding the conflict, the war plans executed before the conflict started, the initiation of Inter-American System machinery for settling disputes, the heated discussions among the representatives of the different nations of the OAS, and the consequences of the war itself. Also included is the necessary background on the political and economic conditions prevailing in both countries before the war and a thorough analysis of what "role law and international legal machinery played--or might have played--at different stages of the conflict."

Reviewed by Jorge L. Carro


United States Foreign Relations Law: Documents and Sources, Vol. 1 (Executive Agreements). Michael J. Glennon and Thomas M. Franck Dobbs Ferry, New York: Oceania Publications, Inc., 1980. Pp. ix, 474. $40.00.--

This volume on United States executive agreements is the first of a multivolume series providing important documents and other materials dealing with the foreign relations power of the federal government and its constituent parts.

Reviewed by David S.Clark


Towards a New International Economic Order Mohammed Bedjaoui New York and London: Holmes & Meier Publishers,1979. Pp. 287. $16.50.

When tracing the ideologies that animate and condition the current North-South debate over what has come to be called "the New International Economic Order," MIT economist Jagdish Bhagwati identifies two dominant schools of thought regarding the existing international economic order.

Reviewed by Burns H. Weston