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Admiralty Jurisdiction Exists in Products Liability Action although Product is not Unique to Maritime Use

Plaintiff, a shipyard worker who was exposed to asbestos dust and fiber while installing asbestos insulation, contracted asbestosis, an incurable lung disorder, and sued the manufacturer of the asbestos product, Johns-Manville Corporation, alleging negligent failure to warn and breach of warranty.

British Courts have Jurisdiction over British Subjects Committing Offenses aboard a Foreign Ship on the High Seas

Three British subjects were charged in a British court with violating the Criminal Damage Act of 1971 by committing acts of vandalism on a Danish vessel in the North Sea. The defendants demurred to the indictment on the ground that no British court had jurisdiction to try them. The lower court found that the court had jurisdiction by virtue of s.686 (1) of the Merchant Shipping Act of 1894 and subsequently convicted all three.