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Carrier Who Employs Stevedore under a Long-Term Contract is Vicariously Liable to Cargo Owner for Stevedore's Mishandling of Cargo even after Unloading and Storage

Vessel Owner Denied Duty Remission because of Procedural Failure in Filings with Customs Service

Wife of Harbor Worker Injured Nonfatally in State Territorial Waters May Maintain Action for Loss of Husband's Society

Corporation may Qualify for Tax Treatment as a Western Hemisphere Trade Corporation even though Incidental Purchases are Made Outside the Hemisphere

Importation or Receipt of Goods from the United States Confirmed by Telex to Plaintiff in United States Insufficient Contacts to Establish Personal Jurisdiction under Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

Importer has Standing to Sue under the Anti-Dumping Act

Officers of a United States General Partnership with a Minority Ownership by Italian Citizens are not Agents of a Foreign Principal under the Foreign Agents Registration Act