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Act of State Doctrine does not Preclude Inquiry by United States Court into Alleged Repudiation by a Foreign Government of its Obligation Arising from a Purely Commercial Transaction

Admiralty Jurisdiction Extends inland to Automobile Accident Caused by the Negligence of Ship's Crew

Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Incorporates the Long-Shoremen's and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act, and includes Provisions Depriving Claims by Outer Continental Shelf Employees Injured on the Job against Vessel Ownerbased upon Breach of Warranty of Seaworthiness

University's Restrictive Definition of Domicile, which Precludes Nonimmigrant Aliens from Attaining "In-State" Status for Tuition Purposes, Does not Violate Due Process

Order of Attachment of Funds Held in Trust in United States Bank for Foreign Government to Secure Enforcement Judgment Expected in a Pending Contract Action in the United States Needs Reconsideration when Extraordinary Circumstances Precipitate Rapid Change in the Relationship between that Foreign Government and the United States