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A list of foreign investment opportunities currently available in Poland was recently published. The list was compiled from proposals submitted by the voivodship councils to the division of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, which was established to coordinate the activities of domestic Polish organizations and organizations of Poles living abroad. The list includes the construction of nine automobile repair shops, two enterprises for the manufacture of automobile accessories, organizations for the construction of single-family dwellings, furniture manufacturing enterprises, a short-order restaurant with the capacity of serving one thousand meals per day, three catering complexes to be located on international highways within Poland, a rotating cafe to be located on a pier on the Baltic Sea, a small printing operation, a repair shop for color televisions and accounting machines, a bakery, a vegetable and fruit canning operation, an herb production firm, a firm for the manufacture of children's clothing and shoes, a firm for the manufacture of plastic products, a firm to produce motors and electronic devices for toys, a factory for the manufacture of food wraps, a firm to construct health spas, and twenty-three sea-side motels.

The activities included on this list are far from earth-shaking in terms of their potential impact on the world economy or even on Poland's economy. They are also far from the stereotype of public concepts of East-West trade activities, which are generally conceived of in terms of the multi-million dollar activities of large multi-nationals. The important point to be noted is that the departure from the stereotype in the list is intentional and a reflection of the significant new approach contained in Poland's new foreign investment regulations.