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1. ADMIRALTY-- An Owner Must Arbitrate a Claim that a Parent Company Assigned to its Subsidiary when the Owner Contemplated such Arbitration in a Contract with the Subsidiary

2. DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY-- United Nations Employees not Accorded Diplomatic Immunity in Cases of Espionage; Recapture of Stolen Classified Information Diplomat does not Violate Diplomatic Immunity

3. EXTRADITION-- United States Extradition Treaty Applicable to all Enumerated Crimes regardless of the Sentence Imposed

4. INTERNATIONAL PATENT REGULATION-- Motion Requesting Benefit of Foreign Patent in Patent Interference Action is Proper without Supporting Statement of Reasons when Opponent can Fairly Respond

5. JURISDICTION AND PROCEDURE-- Dismissal via Forum Non Conveniens Proper in Suit by Foreign Nationals when Private and Public Interests Strongly favor the Defendant