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The titles in the following section address various aspects of the problems that the United States faces in attempting to impose liability for actions by international cartels in violation of United States antitrust law. Representative Albert Gore has introduced legislation in the last two sessions of congress which he feels will assist in alleviating many of these problems. Mr. Gore's current legislation, the Cartel Registration Act, is the subject of his article in which he takes a strong advocacy position on its behalf.

The Cartel Restriction Act in its present form evolved from the considerable comment, both favorable and unfavorable, generated by its predecessor introduced in the 95th Congress. The previous legislation and the thoughts of two of the more influential commentators cited by Mr. Gore in his article are included in their entirety, both for the insight they bring to the problems addressed by Mr. Gore's legislation and to provide further explanation for the rationale for the changes made in this year's legislation.

The issues addressed by Representative Gore's legislation are complex and important. It is hoped that these articles will stimulate a fuller airing of the legal and economic problems posed by international cartels and the merits of Mr. Gore's bill is an attempt to address these problems.