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1. Admiralty A State has Standing to Sue to Recover the Cost of Replacing Natural Resources Destroyed by Pollution


2. Aliens' Rights Executive Order Barring Lawfully Admitted Resident Aliens from Federal Civil Service is Valid


3. Constitutional Law Scope of Lacey Act Limited to Foreign Laws Designed to Protect Wildlife


4. European Economic Community Restrictive Resale Provisions, Discriminating Pricing Policies, and Refusals to Deal by Corporation with a Dominant Position in a Substantial Part of EEC Violates Article 86 of the EEC Treaty


5. International Travel Statute Suspending Social Security Income Benefits for Recipient Temporarily Out of the United States Does Not Impermissably Infringe the Constitutional Right of International Travel


6. Jurisdiction and Procedure

Dismissal on Grounds of Forum non Conveniens is not an Abuse of Discretion where Defendant would be Unduly Inconvenienced and Denied Opportunity to Vindicate its Legal Claim by Impleading Third-Party Allegedly liable for Accident


Double Jeopardy Clause does not Preclude the United States from Bringing Criminal Charges after Prosecution by a Foreign Sovereign

admiralty, aliens' rights, constitutional law, international law, jurisdiction