Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

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Admiralty--Workmen's Compensation--Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act covers Waterfront Injuries to Cargo Handlers Who sometimes work Offshore or Who unpack Containers

Steven A. O'Rourke


European Communities--Restrictive Practices--Abuse of Dominant Position--Discriminatory or Unfair Pricing Policies among EEC Customers by a Corporation in a Dominant Market Position Infringes Article 86 of the EEC Treaty

Henry Clay Wood, Jr.


Federal Jurisdiction--State Regulation of Interstate Commerce--Federal Courts have Jurisdiction to Enjoin State Officials from Enforcing State Laws Regulating Interstate Tanker Trade where Congress intended that Federal Regulations Pre-empt the Area

Christopher Ryan


Securities Regulation--Jurisdiction--Allegations that an International Securities Transaction involving Stock Registered on an American Exchange Adversely Affected the American Market are Sufficient to Invoke Subject Matter Jurisdiction in Section 10(b) Actions

Phyllis K. Fong


Taxation--Investment Tax Credit--Provisions of Closing Agreements between Subsidized Ship Operators and the Internal Revenue Service which Deal with Reserve Funds Constitute Special Depreciation Arrangements

Clifford D. Harmon