Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law


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This issue marks the close of the first year for the Vanderbilt International. What it will become in the future is anyone's guess with General Hershey threatening a drastic reduction in the number of law students next year. In the long run, however, the publication can probably fill a very useful role as either an interdisciplinary magazine with a legal bias or as a law journal with an interdisciplinary bent. The former goal has been, by choice and necessity, the object of this year's Editors. Next year's staff will do as they like.

Regardless of emphasis, however, the increasing importance of relating the social sciences to the law, in this case international law must be reflected in any publication such as this. George Kennan has stated that lawyers make poor diplomats because of their reliance on rules rather than reality. Since these rules are primarily Western in orientation, any lawyer or businessman must cultivate a careful mixture of pragmatic reasoning and legal analysis to solve the problems of far different cultures. If this journal can one day help cultivate such a mixture, it will certainly justify its existence.