Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law


Journal Editor

First Page



It is a pleasure for us to present the first issue of the Vanderbilt International to the Vanderbilt community. The present style and content of V.I. is hybrid -- lying somewhere between a scholarly journal and a popular news magazine, attempting to please the casual reader as well as the student of international affairs. While this first issue has a very definite legal bent, we plan to be as ecumenical as we can in the future, printing material by economists, historians and political scientists as well as by leaders from outside the academic community.

In its present form, V.I. is a fairly humble publication. If we have succeeded in being informative and interesting on a small scale, we will have fulfilled our present goals. The editors envision this initial publication as a beginning toward what might someday, given the resources on the Vanderbilt campus, develop into a useful interdisciplinary publication bringing together in one format those aspects of the international field which are relevant to the solution of the problems of world order and world trade. This first issue is a long way from where we want to be, but it is a start.

Editorial thanks go to Professors Cheatham, Kamenshine, and Maier of the Law School; to the first two for their contributions to this issue of V.I. and to the third for his guidance and advice.