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This is the third year in which the faculty members of the Vanderbilt Law School have prepared the Annual Survey of Tennessee Law. The undertaking is, of course, primarily for the benefit of the members of the Bench and Bar of Tennessee. We hope that they have found it sufficiently useful to justify the effort and expense involved. The first Survey was confined almost entirely to the decisions of the State Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. It has now been expanded to provide for systematic inclusion of federal decisions involving Tennessee law and occasionally even decisions of other states when they interpret or apply Tennessee law. Unfortunately, the acts of the last session of the General Assembly have not become available in usable form in time to be incorporated in this year's Survey. Some attempt has been made to include decisions and regulations of state administrative agencies; further development along this line is being studied. Attempts to include unreported opinions of the state appellate or trial courts have been contemplated but have not appeared feasible. Suggestions from members of the Bar for improvement of the Survey will be sincerely welcomed.