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Criminal Law--Insanity--Test of Irresponsibility

Criminal Procedure--Continuances--Delay of Trial Because of Crowded Civil Docket

Elections--Underage Candidate--Power of Judiciary over Names Appearing on Ballot

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure--Impleader--UnderRule 14(a)--Effect of Judgment between Plaintiff and Third-Party Defendant

Husband and Wife--Expenses of Last Illness--Husband's Right to Reimbursement under Wife's Will

Joint Tort Feasors--Release of One as Release of All--Application of Rule when First Tort Feasor is not Legally Liable

Restraint of Trade--Employee's Covenant Not to Compete--State-Wide Restraint

Specific Performance--Conveyance of Leased Premises upon Lessee's Exercise of Option to Purchase--Defense of Hardship

Unemployment Compensation--"Suitable" Employment--Refusal of Sabbath on Religious Grounds

Wrongful Death--Unborn Children--Liability for Negligent Killing of Unborn Viable Foetus