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Few topics are currently more at the center of both interest and need than that of Dr. Stumpf's new book. The ship of democracy is being tossed by heavy seas. Many are looking for a haven of faith. They tell us that the ship cannot stay afloat unless it reaches the well-protected harbor of religion. It needs at least to be overhauled, they say, and made more seaworthy in that harbor before it braves again the heavy onslaughts which it must necessarily breast. Dr. Stumpf probes too deeply into the relation between democracy and religion, however, to fall prey to such an inadequate kind of analysis. Religion is not externally protective of democracy, or some merely useful means to its perpetuation, but lies at the very basis of democracy itself. Democracy was born, cradled and reared within the Christian faith--not as a foundling, but as a proper child of the household. Authentic Christian faith as a long-ranged cultural power, in at least one aspect of its nature, should evolve democratic institutions because of its kind of motivation, its kind of ideal for community, and its own intrinsic nature and goal.


The new Military Law casebook compiled by Daniel Walker, a former commissioner of the United States Court of Military Appeals, enters an uncrowded field. While it has been preceded, it is not confronted with effective competition. Dean Wigmore published such a casebook during World War I, long before the Court of Military Appeals was conceived. A Military Law casebook, first published by Professor Schiller in 1941, was revised in 1952, but does not include Court of Military Appeals decisions.


For many years the legal profession, and Bar Associations and their officers in particular, have been handicapped by the lack of a handbook for guidance and inspiration in bar association work. Glenn R. Winters, Secretary of the American Judicature Society, consultant to the Conference of Bar Association Presidents, and an honorary member of the Bar Association of Tennessee, has filled this need and performed a magnificent service in writing and publishing such a book.