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Recent Cases--

Attorney and Client--Contingent Fee Contracts--Divorce Action

Corporations--Corporate Power--Contributions to Philanthropic Institutions

Corporations--Criminal Anti-Trust Action--Indemnification of Directors for Litigation Expenses

Evidence--Presumption of Law and Inference of Fact--Retrospective Presumption of Continuity

Federal Procedure--Class Actions--Discretion of Trial Court

Income Taxation--Deductions--"Ordinary and Necessary"--Expenses

Income Taxation--False Statements--Criminal Penalties

Labor Law--Arbitration Agreements--Specific Enforcement in Federal Courts

Military Law--Discharged Personnel--Power to Arrest for Serious Crimes

Military Law--Privilege Against Self Incrimination--Admissibility of Handwriting Specimen Obtained Involuntarily

Torts--Automobile Guest--Contributory Negligence as a Matter of Law

Workmen's Compensation--Employees' Altercations--Aggresso