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This issue of the VANDERBILT LAW REVIEW contains two outstanding student pieces on bankruptcy law. Few would be surprised by this observation. As to the quality of the works, they fall in with a long tradition of outstanding student scholarship published by the REVIEW. The choice of topic-bankruptcy law-also does not raise eyebrows. After all, Congress has recently enacted the most sweeping changes to the Bankruptcy Code since its original enactment in 1978. This legislation was the culmination of a more than decade long effort to revise our nation's bankruptcy law. Any major reform effort of this scope surely generates puzzles for students to solve. One would expect that the coming years will see a steady flow of student work grappling with the changes wrought by the new legislation. Constitutional issues and interpretative problems have already hit the courts, and ambitious students looking for challenging legal issues on which to hone their analytical skills will find much in the new law to keep them busy.