Vanderbilt Law Review

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Special Project+ National Security


"The dilemma is that as security considerations become increasingly enmeshed in technological and political complexity, the layman begins to feel that the complications are bewilderingly beyond his competence to evaluate. That is an understandable but dangerous mistake for a citizen to make in any free and open society. The mere complexity of a relevant problem does not relieve one of the responsibility of solving it. The truth is that few problems today are more relevant to the individual citizen of the United States than those of national security."' -Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara

National security has become a hotly debated issue since September 11, 2001. National security has always been of great concern to the government; however former Defense Secretary McNamara's thoughts indicate that national security has now also become an important topic for all individuals to consider. The "policy and process" of U.S. national security has evolved significantly throughout this country's history, particularly in the years since September 11.