Vanderbilt Law Review

Article Title

Civil Aiding and Abetting Liability


Nathan I. Combs


I. Prologue

A woman recently asked how I could, in good conscience, write an instruction book on murder.

It is my opinion that the professional hit man fills a need in society and is, at times, the only alternative for 'personal "justice. Moreover, if my advice and the proven methods in this book are followed, certainly no one will ever know.

[W]ithin the pages of this book you will learn one of the most successful methods of operation used by an independent contractor. Step by step you will be taken from research to equipment selection to job preparation to successful job completion. You will learn where to find employment, how much to charge, and what you can, and cannot, do with the money you earn.

[And when] [y]ou've read all the suggested material.., you [will be] confident and competent enough to accept employment.