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Recent Cases

Adverse Possession--Statutes--May One Acquire an Indefeasible Life Estate under Tennessee Code Section 8582

Constitutional Law--Freedom of the Press--Effect of City Ordinance Prohibiting Solicitation of Magazine Subscriptions without Prior Consent of Person Solicited

Constitutional Law--Statutes--Requirement of Loyalty Oath as Valid Exercise of Police Power

Contracts--Procurement of Government Contracts on Contingent Fee Basis--Effect of Executive Order

Criminal Law--Mens Rea--Requirement in Action for Converting Government Property--Necessity for Criminal Intent

Damages--Injury to Child--Expenses of Parent in Attending Child

Divorce--Determination of Place Where Abandonment Occurs--Effect of Residence Requirement for Bringing Action

Domestic Relations--Legitimation Statute--Interpretation and Effect

Evidence--Unreasonable Searches and Seizures--Admissibility of Evidence Obtained by a Concealed Radio Transmitter

Income Taxation--Liability of Receiver for Corporation--What Constitutes "Operation of the Property or Business" under Section 52

Income Taxation--Nonbusiness Expenses--Deductibility of Attorneys' Fees

Sales--Implied Warranty--Action for Personal Injury by Employee of Vendee of Chattel

Taxation--Gift Tax--Renunciation by Heir as Taxable Transfer

Torts--Immunity between Spouses for Personal Injury--Application to Wrongful Death Action

Wills--Contest of Probate--Standing of Judgment Creditor of Disinherited Heir