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Some Problems of Equity

By Zechariah Chafee, Jr.

Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Law School, 1950. Pp. xv, 441. $4.50

reviewer: Henry L. McClintock


Four Score Forgotten Men

By Tom W. Campbell

Little Rock: Pioneer Publishing Company, 1950. Pp. 424

reviewer: John W. Green


Uniform Code of Military Justice, Explanation, Comparative Text and Commentary

By Frederick Bernays Wiener

Washington, D. C.: Combat Forces Press, 1950. Pp. 275. $3.50.

reviewer: Leon D. Hubert, Jr.


Dred Scott's Case

By Vincent C. Hopkins

New York: Fordham University Press, 1951, Pp. 213. $4.00.

reviewer: Wallace Mendelson