Vanderbilt Law Review


Victor Schwartz

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I express my deepest appreciation to the editors of the Vanderbilt Law Review for permitting me the honor of writing this tribute to Dean John W. Wade, my dear partner in scholarship and co-author for over two decades.

It is a privilege to join with the Honorable Gilbert S. Merritt, and distinguished attorney John Frank who have warmly, skillfully and accurately portrayed a few of the highlights of Dean Wade's distinguished life.

Dean Wade's scholastic works, extraordinary development of Vanderbilt Law School, and impact on the law of torts will always remain. His special skill in balancing his professional activities with a warm personal life, including a "mutual respect" marriage to his extraordinary wife Mary Moody, are there for all of us--lawyer and non-lawyer alike-to admire.

Like any tribute, this is, in part, personal.

When the end of life comes, we recognize that a few people have transformed our lives, enriched them, and gave us insight. For me, Dean Wade was such a person from the time when we first met in 1968.