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Symposium on Bankruptcy

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The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978, a.k.a. The Code, has now been in operation for more than a quinquennium. Thus, it is old enough to be the subject of a symposium, even if that expression is used in its original meaning of drinking party or festivity. The editors of the Vanderbilt Law Review deserve high praise for having observed that opportunity and gathered an illustrious panel of guest-participants. Special commendations are due for the hosts'success in enlisting in their offerings the cooperation of the celebrated Triple-K-Trio to regale the readership with their now almost classical performing style. Equally gratifying is the fact that they have reserved spots for the Novae on the academic skies.Thus, the sprinkling of Posnerites are able to go through the almost inevitable Posner rites and others less distinct but of no lesser distinction are called to display their individual acts or idiosyncrasies. I conceive my own role in this gala neither as that of an M.C.nor as that of a Beckmesser who is installed to grade the merits of the Master singers, as in Wagner's opera. Rather I am content with the humble part of a stagehand preparing the artists' entrance...

The contributors to this Symposium have addressed a goodly number of the problems but it cannot be denied that the total coverage of the discussions leaves the greater part of the minefield uncleared and unmarked.