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Professor Paul Ramsey,' writing as a Christian ethicist, has revised, extended, and updated the Bampton Lectures in America that he delivered in 1975 at Columbia University. The resulting book is Ethics at the Edges of Life: Medical and Legal Intersections. A substantial portion of the book is devoted to critical analysis of a number of landmark court decisions, all of which were rendered after his delivery of the Bampton lectures--Planned Parenthood v. Danforth, on abortion; Commonwealth v. Edelin, on the treatment of a fetus during or immediately after an abortion; In re Quinlan, on the termination of life support; and Superintendent of Belchertown State School v. Saikewicz,' on the decision not to provide life-prolonging treatment. The book also analyzes a statutory post-Bampton development-the 1976 California Natural Death Act.'

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With the observation that "Samuel Johnson has fascinated more people than any other writer except Shakespeare," Professor W. Jackson Bate of Harvard University opens this profound biography. Now available to readers for more than three years, with the immediate excitement of its publication well-passed, the book clearly stands out as the quintessential presentation of the life of Johnson and as a monument of its genre. The force of Bate's book results from his ability to combine research and literary talents.From a vast amount of material, Professor Bate has ferreted out the essential data for the composition of a portrait that depicts Johnson as the whole man, his eccentricity and greatness blended to perfection. Moreover, Bate has compiled his findings in a manner both pleasant and instructive that makes his presentation an independent work of art.