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Noerr-Pennington Immunity for Joint Efforts to Influence Governmental Action - Intent to Cause Competitive Injury, Evidenced by Repeated, Baseless Opposition Before an Adjudicatory Body, Does Not Result in Loss of Noerr-Pennington Immunity Absent Specific Allegations of Conduct External to or Abusive of the Adjutory Processes

Samuel E. Stumpf, Jr.

Constitutional Law - First Amendment - Student's Right to Receive Information Precludes Board's Removal of Allegedly Offensive Books from High School Library

M. Carolyn Barefield

Constitutional Law-Search and Seizure - Federal Courts Are Bound by Federal Wiretapping Statutes and Will Not Exclude Evidence Seized by State Agents in Violation of More Restrictive State Laws

Robert S. Reder

Securities Regulation-Definition of"Security" -Promissory Notes With Maturities Exceeding Nine Months Are Presumed to Be Securities Under the 1934 Act Unless Issued in a Context Closely Resembling One of Six Examples of Commercial Transactions

Stephen C. Morton

Securities Law-Securities Fraud-Proof of Causation in 10b-5 Nondisclosure Cases Involving Trading on Impersonal Markets

Randolph C. Coley