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BUSINESS ORGANIZATION By Alfred F. Conard Brooklyn: The Foundation Press, Inc., 1950. Pp. vii, 661. $7.00.

CASES ON FEDERAL COURTS By Charles T. McCormick and James H. Chadburn Brooklyn: The Foundation Press, Inc., 1950. Pp. 921. $8.00.

CASES AND MATERIALS ON WORLD LAW By Louis B. Sohn Brooklyn: The Foundation Press, Inc., 1950. Pp. 1363. $8.00.

FEDERAL ESTATE AND GIFT TAXATION: CASES AND MATERIALS By William C. Warren and Stanley S. Surrey Brooklyn: The Foundation Press, Inc.,1950. Pp. vii, 518. $7.00.

HATCH ACT DECISIONS By James W. Irwin Washington. United States Government Printing Office, 1949. Pp. v, 304. $1.50.

IT'S LIBEL OR CONTEMPT IF YOU PRINT IT By Leon R. Yankwich Los Angeles: Parker and Company, 1950. Pp. vii, 612. $12.50.

KILLERS OF THE DREAM By Lillian Smith New York: W. W. Norton & Co.,Inc., 1949. Pp. 256. $3.00.

MELVIN WESTON FULLER By Willard L. King New York: The Macmillan Company, 1950. Pp. vii, 394. $5.00.

SEXUAL DEVIATIONS By Louis S. London and Frank S. Caprio Washington: The Linacre Press, Inc., 1950. Pp. ix, 702. $10.00.

SOCIAL MEANING OF LEGAL CONCEPTS--No. 2, CRIMINAL GUILT Edited by Edmond N. Cahn New York: New York University, School of Law, 1950. Pp. iii, 187. $1.50.

SOUTHERN LEGACY By Hodding Carter Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1950. Pp. 186. $3.00.

SUCCESSFUL TAX PRACTICE By Hugh C. Bickford New York: Prentice-Hall,Inc., 1950. Pp. 428. $5.65.