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Recent Cases

Automobiles--Family Purpose Doctrine--Automobile Owned by other than Head of Family

Contracts--Effect of Illegality--Recover Where No Moral Turpitude involved and Purpose of Statute Not Violated

Corporations--Liability of Officer to Creditors for Excessive Salary--Burden of Proof on Defendant to Show Reasonableness

Criminal Law--Proximate Cause--Responsibility for Death Due to Acts of Persons Opposing a Felony

Criminal Law--Violation of the Mann Act--Actual Transportation Entirely within a Single State

Evidence--Confidential Communications between Spouses--Admissibility of Testimony as to Conduct of Party Spouse

Insurance--Commercial--Radius Endorsement in Automobile Insurance--Effect of Breach after Return to Designated Area

Personal Property--Finding Lost Goods--Chambermaid's Right to Goods Found by Her as Against Hotel

Statutory Construction--Implied Repeal of Statutes--Abatement of Nuisance

Statutory Construction--Restriction of Application of Statute to Contemporary Circumstances--Parties as "Witnesses" Under Tennessee Deposition Statute

Trials--Conflict of Expert Testimony as to Whether Dentist's Treatment is Generally Recognized by Profession--Determination by Court or Jury?

Wrongful Death Action--Employee's Agreement not to Sue Third Party for Injuries Received in Course of Employment--Effect on Rights of Personal Representative