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The Law of the Soviet State By Andrei Y. Vyshinsky New York: The Macmillan Company, 1949. Pp. xvii, 749. $15.00

The Role of the Soviet Court By I. T. Golyakov Washington, D. C.: Public Affairs Press, 1948, Pp. 20. $1.00

Soviet Civil Law By Vladimir Gsovski Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Volume I, 1948. Pp. xxxvii, 909. Volume II, 1949. Pp. xx, 906. $10.00 per volume; $15.00 per set

reviewer: Stanley D. Rose


Missouri Lawyer By John T. Barker Philadelphia: Dorrance & Company,1949. Pp. 391. $3.50

reviewer: Walter P. Armstrong


Magna Carta: Its Role in the Making of the English Constitution, 1300-1629 By Faith Thompson Minneapolis: University of MinnesotaPress, 1948. Pp. x,

reviewer: Paul H. Hardacre


Juvenile Courts in North Carolina By Wiley Britton Sanders Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1948. Pp. viii, 210. $4.00

reviewer: Sam Davis Tatum

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