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This article explores the development, theory, and design of the government's Contract Compliance Program and the other statutory means of pursuing equal employment opportunity. Part I is a brief explanation of the Contract Compliance Program under Executive Order 11,246. Part II presents a discussion of the legal underpinnings of the affirmative action concept. Part III deals with the decision In the Matter of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, a landmark administrative hearing under procedures established by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance, and the American Telephone & Telegraph Company Memorandum of Agreement and Consent Decree,' which has been described as "the largest and most impressive civil rights settlement in the history of the nation."' Part IV attempts to discuss some recent decisions in labor relations that have been profoundly affected by the Bethlehem and AT&T cases. Finally, this article concludes that the affirmative action concept has the full support of the federal government and that, despite the many legal issues which have arisen and which will develop in the future, the commitment to equal employment opportunity will be actively pursued while still maintaining a sensitivity to the valid interests of the parties to collective bargaining agreements.