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Each of the five articles in this symposium deals with a recent development in American labor law. Professor Sanders addresses the interesting question whether strikes have a place in future labor dispute settlement. Mr. Nash discusses at length the important new policy of NLRB deferral to arbitration under Collyer Insulated Wire. Mr. Kilberg then examines the recurring problem of discrimination in American labor organizations, and Mr. Bakaly reconsiders the important case of Burns International Security Services, Inc. v. NLRB and gives us a critical evaluation of that decision. Finally, Professor Rabin presents a comprehensive synthesis of the law relating to the permissible scope of employer unilateral action. My introductory comments are a brief attempt to lend to the symposium additional historical and legal perspective, thus emphasizing the current importance of the topics discussed. Furthermore, in the latter portion of the introduction I have tried to anticipate some of the major developments that may occur in the not-too-distant future--developments in which the issues and policies discussed in this symposium will undoubtedly have an important impact.