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Antitrust--Horizontal Territorial Restraint--Allocation of Territories Among Members of Cooperative Purchasing Association Is Per Se Violative of Section 1 of the Sherman Act


Antitrust--Robinson--Patman Price Discrimination Act--Complaint Charging That Profits Derived from Interstate Sales Were Used To Underwrite Allegedly Discriminatory Intrastate Price-Cutting Practices States a Cause of Action Under Section 2(a)


Bankruptcy--Corporate Reorganization-Trustee in Reorganization Lacks Standing To Sue Indenture Trustee on Behalf of Debenture Holders


Constitutional Law--Commerce Clause--Exactions on Airport Users by Local Governments Measured by Number of Enplaning Passengers Are Constitutionally Valid


Constitutional Law--Right to Speedy Trial--State-Imposed Five-Year Delay Does Not Abridge Right to Speedy Trial When Accused Has Not Asserted His Right and No Prejudice Is Shown


Constitutional Law-Search and Seizure-Electronic Eavesdropping Procedures Authorized by Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 Violate the Fourth Amendment


Constitutional Law-Voting--Cancellation of Registration for Failure To Vote Violates Voter Qualification Provision of State Constitution


Nuisance--Equitable Remedies--Plaintiff Who "Came to Nuisance" Granted Injunctive Relief but Required To Compensate Defendant for Reasonable Cost of Relocating or Shutting Down


Patent Law--Infringement of Combination Patent--A Patented Machine Whose Parts Are Produced in the United States Is Not "Made" Within the United States Within the Meaning of Section 271(a) of the Patent Act If Its Component Parts Are Exported in Unassembled Form