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We of the law and we who administer the law are challenged today more acutely than ever before. Many serious-minded people question whether the law is or can ever be an instrumentality of social justice.Many of our citizens believe that, irrespective of the precepts of the law,the administration of the law frequently has been used as a device to frustrate the legitimate aspirations of those seeking to participate as equals with other Americans in the benefits of American society. The inclusion of more and more activities as activities "affected with the public interest" is evidence that there are some who may be hoping that by this enlargement the administration of law may, in truth,become the instrumentality for social justice that they wish it to be.In any event, may I close by suggesting that there is always a place for idealism in the world and it is the especial privilege of university-trained men and women to seek idealistic goals. And, I submit also that I believe- it the especial privilege and professional duty of American lawyers to preserve the American dream.