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Antitrust--Sham Exception--Allegations of Purposeful and Concerted Use of Adjudicatory Processes to Harass and Deter Parties From Having Free Access to These Processes Constitute a Cause of Action Under Antitrust Laws


Criminal Procedure--Confessions--Determination of Confession's Voluntariness by Preponderance of the Evidence Is Not Violative of Fifth Amendment Prohibition Against Self-Incrimination


Landlord and Tenant--Forcible Entry and Detainer Statute--Provisions for Immediate Trial and Limitation of Triable Issues Not Violative of Due Process or Equal-Protection Clauses


Securities Regulation-Section 16(b) of Securities Exchange Act of 1934--Insider May Sell Enough Stock To Bring His Holdings Below Ten Percent and Within Six Months of the Original Purchase Sell the Remainder Without Liability for Short-Swing Profits